SYRIX: Information retrieval system in context

SYRIX: Information retrieval system in context

Information Retrieval System in Context

Target users and customers

The targeted users and customers are the search engine actors, and all industrialists interested in document retrieval.

Application sectors

  • Document retrieval
  • Information recommendation
  • Advertising


SyRiX can be considered to be (1) a contextual search engine itself (2) a contextual document re-ranker component in the sense that is intended to be plugged to a search engine in order to personalize the initial ranking using evidence issued from the user profile.

Figure 1 gives a general overview of SyRix’ main functionalities.

Technical requirements:

  • PC with Unix/Linux
  • This software requires a front-of search engine, ODP ontology provided by DMOZ editor *


Conditions for access and use:

SyRiX is a software that has been developed at IRIT-SIG Toulouse and is the property of IRIT.

SyRiX can be supplied under license on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact Lynda Tamine Lechani at



  • IRIT

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