MediaSpeech® alignment

MediaSpeech® alignment

Audio and Text synchronization tool

Target users and customers

  • E-editors
  • Media content producers
  • Media application developers
  • Search interface integrators

Application sectors

  • Public/Private debates and conference: E.g. Parliament, Meetings
  • E-learning/E-books: E.g. Audiobook
  • Media Asset Management: E.g. Search in annotated media streams (TV, radio, films…)


This technology synchronizes an audio stream with its associated text transcript: it takes as inputs both audio stream and raw transcript and produces as output a “time coded” transcript, i.e. each word or group of words is associated with its precise occurrence in the audio stream. The technology is pretty robust and handles nicely slight variations between audio speech and text transcript.

Technical requirements:

Standard Web access

Conditions for access and use:

Available in SaaS mode or installed on a server or installed as Virtual Machine in MediaSpeech® product line.

Quotation on request



  • Vecsys
  • Bertin Technologies
  • Exalead

Contact details:

Ariane Nabeth-Halber

3, rue de la Terre de Feu
91952 Courtabœuf Cedex