Language Identification

Language Identification

Vocapia Research provides a language identification technology* that can identify languages in audio data. (* Under license from LIMSI-CNRS)

Target users and customers

The targeted users and customers of language recognition technologies are actors in the multimedia and call center sectors, including academic and industrial organizations, as well as actors in the defense domain, interested in the processing of audio documents, and in particular if the collection of documents contains multiple languages.

Application sectors

A language identification system can be run prior to a speech recognizer. Its output is used to load the appropriate language dependent speech recognition models for the audio document.

Alternatively, the language identification might be used to dispatch audio documents or telephone calls to a human operators fluent in the corresponding identified language.

Other potential applications also involve the use of LID as a front-end to a multi-lingual translation system. This technology can also be part of automatic system for spoken data retrieval or automatic enriched transcriptions.


The VoxSigma software suite can recognize the language spoken in an audio document or in speech segments defined in an input XML file. The default set of possible languages and their associated models can be specified by the user.

LID systems are available for broadcast and conversational data. Currently 15 languages for broadcast news audio and 50 languages for conversational telephone speech are included in the respective VR LID system. New languages can easily be added to the system.

The VoxSigma software suite uses multiple phone-based decoders in parallel to take a decision about which language is in the audio file.

The system specifies the language of the audio document along with a confidence score. In the current version, it is assumed that a channel of an audio document is in a single language. In future versions, it is planned to allow multiple languages in a single document.

Technical requirements:

PC with Linux platform (via licensing use).

Conditions for access and use:

The VoxSigma software is available both via licensing and via our web service.


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