Ircamsummary: Music Summary Generation and Music Structure Estimation

Ircamsummary: Music Summary Generation and Music Structure Estimation

Ircamsummary software creates automatically a music summary of an audio file. It also estimates the temporal structure of a music file in terms of repetition of similar parts

Target users and customers

Automatic music summary generation aims at providing informative audio preview of the content of a music file (rather than the commonly used first 30s). It can therefore benefit to any service providing access to music items requiring a quick preview of the music files such as music providers, online music portals. It can also be installed on a personal computer as a preview of the local user’s music collection.

Automatic music structure estimation provides the description of the temporal organization of music files in terms of repetition of parts over time. It can be used for visualization and interaction with the playing of a music file (intelligent forward/ backward, accessing directly the most repeated parts). It can benefit to any developer of music players or software for music interaction.

Application sectors

  • Online music providers
  • Online music portals
  • Music players developers
  • Music software developers


Ircamsummary performs the automatic generation of music audio summaries. It uses various strategies: the most representative extract (in terms of content repetition and content position), down-beat synchronous concatenation of the most representative parts. The summary can also be parameterized by the user in terms of duration of the summary (from 10s to 30s).

Ircamsummary also provides the estimation of the structure of music files in terms of repetition of parts (such as verse, chorus bridge… but without explicit labeling of the parts).

For this, Ircamsummary extracts the timbral, harmonic and rhythmic content of a music file over time and analyzes content repetition using two strategies: sequence repetition and state repetition.

The generation of the audio summary is parametrizable in type (continuous summary/or summary obtained by concatenating the most informative parts) and in duration. The estimation of the structure is parametrizable in terms of number of parts and part’s type (sequence or state).

Technical requirements:

Ircamsummary is available as software or as a dynamic library for Windows, Mac OS-X and Linux platform.

Conditions for access and use:

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