Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Synchronization

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Synchronization

Personalized audio, Multi-view on multi-screen, Hybrid stereoscopic 3D TV

Target users and customers

  • Broadcasters (Sat, Cable, Terrestrial)
  • ISP

Application sectors

Personalized audio: the technology offers the user the possibility of enjoying a broadcast TV program in his/her favorite language. Additional languages are streamed on demand from a server and can be rendered either on the main TV screen or on a personal device (e.g. smartphone with headphone).

Multi-view on multi-screen: the user can enrich the broadcast TV program (e.g. music live concert or sport event) by selecting additional points of views rendered on a second screen, e.g. a tablet.

Hybrid stereoscopic 3D TV: it consists in rendering a 3D side-by-side content without monopolizing a broadcast channel. One view is transmitted over a broadcast network whilst the other view is delivered over Internet. Each view can be rendered independently as a 2D content.


Broadcasters and IPTV service providers would like to propose new value-added services but are confronted with bandwidth limitations. Hybrid broadcast broadband synchronization technology helps them overcome this constraint. It allows broadcast/IPTV service content to be enriched with additional audiovisual components delivered over broadband or stored locally, by ensuring a very accurate rendering synchronization.

Technical requirements:

The technology ensures a frame accurate synchronization for audiovisual components delivered over different networks with different transport protocols and transmission delays, each one having its own reference clock.

The principle is to insert a timeline component in the broadcast service. This component is linked to the current content and embeds a timing information indicating the time elapsed since the beginning. Its format is based on existing DVB specification ETSI TS 102 823 “Specification for the carriage of synchronized auxiliary data in DVB transport streams”.

Conditions for access and use:

Technology currently available only as a prototype based on GStreamer.

Related IPL is proprietary of Technicolor.

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  • Technicolor

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