Document Reader

Document Reader

Classification of all types of paper documents, Data Extraction and Mail Processing and Workflow Automation

Target users and customers

  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Business Process Outsourcers

Application sectors

Bank, Insurance, Administration, Telecom and Utility Companies, Historical Document Conversion


Classification of all types of paper documents

A2iA DocumentReader classifies digitized documents into user-defined classes or “categories” (letters, contracts, claim forms, accounts receivable, etc.) based on both their geometry and their content. The software analyzes the layout of items on the document. Then, using a general dictionary and trade vocabulary, it carries out a literal transcription of the handwritten and/or typed areas.

A2iA DocumentReader can then extract key-words or phrases in order to determine the category of the document.

Data Extraction

A2iA DocumentReader uses 3 methods to extract data from all types of paper documents:

  • Extraction from predefined documents. Some documents (such as checks, bank documents and envelopes) are preconfigured within A2iA DocumentReader. The software recognizes their structure, the format of data to be extracted and their location on the document.
  • Extraction from structured documents. A2iA DocumentReader recognizes and extracts data within a fixed location on the document.
  • Extraction from semi-structured documents. The layout of the document varies but the data to be extracted remains unchanged. A2iA DocumentReader locates this data by its format and the proximity of key-words, wherever they appear on the document.

Mail Processing and Workflow Automation
A2iA DocumentReader analyzes the entire envelope or folder on a wholistic level,

just as a human would, to identify its purpose and subject-matter (termination of subscription, request for assistance, change of address, etc.). All of the documents together can have a different meaning or purpose than a single document on its own. A2iA DocumentReader then transmits the digital data to the classification application in order to route the mail to the correct person or department. Mail is sent to the appropriate location as soon as it arrives: processing and response times are minimized, workflow automated, and manual labor decreased.

Technical requirements:

Wintel Platform

Conditions for access and use:

Upon request



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Contact details:

Venceslas Cartier

39, rue de la Bienfaisance
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