ContentArmor™ Video Watermarking

ContentArmor™ Video Watermarking

ContentArmor™ Video Watermarking is a technology intended to deter actors along the content value chain from leaking content

Target users and customers

  • Content owners
  • Studios
  • Post-production houses
  • Content distributors

Application sectors

SECURE E-screener provides a traitor tracing mechanism for all high-risk screeners: internal quality assessment and validation reviews, promotional tools preparation, screeners and promotional viewing for distributors.

  • Fully automated process within digital workflow
  • Flexible integration of the embedder in existing content distribution frameworks
  • Stronger reputation and controlled liability of the stakeholders

PREMIUM Video-on-Demand provides a serialization mechanism in home gateways enabling fine grained traitor tracing for premium content distributed on multi-devices into the home.

  • Wider traitor tracing coverage enabling early window content release
  • Ease of technology integration in low computational devices
  • Secure implementation on dependable platforms, e.g. Conditional Access System


ContentArmor™ Video Watermarking is a technology intended to deter actors along the content value chain from leaking content. To do so, an invisible forensics watermark is embedded within the content to uniquely identify the device or the recipient whom it has been delivered to.

Technicolor’s two-step video watermarking algorithm (profiler + embedder) operates directly in the bitstream, thus resulting in blitz-fast embedding. The shift of computationally expensive operations to a preliminary profiling step enables integration at any point of the distribution chain, including low computational power CE devices such as set-top boxes, tablets, etc

2-Step Watermarking System

  • Isolation of computationally intensive operations in an offline profiler
  • One unique profiling per content regardless of the number of recipients

Bit Stream Watermarking

  • No need for re-encoding
  • Blitz-fast embedding
  • Possible integration in low computational CE devices (ex: set-top boxes)
  • Seamless integration at any point of digital distribution workflows: before distribution, in transit, at reception

High-performance technology

  • High fidelity watermark with multiple profiles to optimally adjust the distortion depending on the type of video content (animation movies, feature films, sport programs)
  • Proven robustness against an extensive range of signal processing attacks and D/A–A/D conversion (crude recompression, HDMI stripping, screencasting, camcording)
  • Flexible error correction to individually protect the ID bits

Technical requirements:

ContentArmor™ Video Watermarking is dedicated to video encoded using H.264 MPEG-4/AVC with CABAC entropy coding (Main and High profiles)

The system currently supports the following video containers: MPEG-2/TS, MOV, MP4, none

The profiler is Linux-based; the embedder is OS independent.

Conditions for access and use:

The profiler and the embedder can be licensed as software executables or libraries; investigative services are currently not available for licensing.



  • Technicolor

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