C-Motion: Camera motion characterization

C-Motion: Camera motion characterization

Camera motion characterization

Target users and customers

The targeted users and customers are the multimedia industry actors, and all academic or industrial laboratories interested in video analysis.

Application sectors

  • TVideo indexing
  • Multimedia document processing


C-Motion is a software dedicated to camera motion characterization. It relies on the Motion2D library developed by Inria for 2D parametric motion model estimation (see the architecture on figure below).

For each frame in an image sequence or a video, C-Motion gives the corresponding estimated camera motion class. These motion classes correspond to the following situations:

  • static camera
  • pan (right, left, up, down, or a combination: right/up, right/down, left/up, left/down)
  • zoom/traveling (in or out)
  • complex camera motion

C-Motion was jointly developed by the Vista team at Irisa/INRIA Rennes, and by DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement).
The C-Motion authors are: Marc Gelgon, Fabien Spindler, Patrick Bouthemy.

Technical requirements:

  • SPC with Unix/Linux or Windows OS
  • This software requires the Motion2D [1] software developed by Inria as a third party library

[1] http://www.irisa.fr/vista/Motion2D/index.html

Conditions for access and use:

C-Motion is a software that has been developed at Irisa/Inria-Rennes and is the property of Inria.
C-Motion can be supplied under license on a case-by-case basis.



  • Inria

Contact details:

General issues:
Patrick GROS

Technical issues:
Sébastien CAMPION

Campus de Beaulieu
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