AudioPrint captures the acoustical properties by computing a robust representation of the sound

Target users and customers

AudioPrint is dedicated to middle-ware integrators that wish to develop audio fingerprint applications (i.e. systems for live recognition of music on air), as well as synchronization frameworks for second screen applications (a mobile device brings contents directly related to the live TV program). The music recognition application can also be used by digital rights management companies.

Application sectors

  • Second screen software providers
  • Digital right management
  • Music query software developers


AudioPrint is an efficient technology for live or offline recognition of musical tracks, within a database of learnt tracks. It captures the acoustical properties of the audio signal by computing a symbolic representation of the sound profile that is robust to common alterations. Moreover, it provides a very precise estimation of the temporal offset within the detected musical track. This offset estimation can be used as a means to synchronize devices.

Technical requirements:

AudioPrint is available as a static library for Linux, Mac OS X and iOS platforms.

Conditions for access and use:

Ircam Licence




Contact details:

Frédérick Rousseau

Sound Analysis/Synthesis
1 Place Igor-Stravinsky
75004 Paris