Sync Audio Watermarking

Sync Audio Watermarking

Technicolor Sync Audio Watermarking technologies

Target users and customers

  • Content Owners
  • Studios
  • Broadcasters
  • Content distributors

Application sectors

Technicolor Sync Audio Watermarking allows studios and content owners

  • to create more valuable and attractive content by delivering premium quality information
  • to generate additional earnings through targeted ads, e-commerce and product placement alongside main screen content

Technicolor Sync Audio Watermarking allows broadcasters and content distributors

  • to provide distinctive content and retain audiences
  • to control complementary content on the 2nd screen within their branded environment
  • to leverage real-time, qualified behavior metadata to better understand customers and deliver personalized content and recommendations


With Technicolor Sync Audio Watermarking technologies, studios, content owners, aggregators and distributors can sync live, recorded or time-shifted content and collect qualified metadata. And thanks to Technicolor’s expertise in both watermarking and entertainment services, these solutions are easily integrated into your existing post-production, broadcast and any new media delivery workflows.

Technicolor sync technologies open access to all the benefits of new attractive companion app markets with no additional infrastructure cost.

Content identification and a time stamp are inaudibly inserted into the audio signal in post-production or during broadcast. The 2nd screen device picks up the audio signal, decodes the watermark and synchronizes the app on the 2nd screen thanks to the embedded content identification data. Audio watermarking uses the original content audio signal as its transmission channel, ensuring compatibility with all existing TVs, PVRs or DVD/Blu-ray players as well as legacy devices without network interfaces. It works for realtime, time-shifted and recorded content.

Technical requirements:

  • Technicolor Sync Audio Watermarking detector works on Android and iOS.
  • The watermark embedder of both technologies works on Linux and MacOS.

Conditions for access and use:

Both systems can be licensed as software executables or libraries



  • Technicolor

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