Audience Characterization

Audience Characterization

Automatically characterize in-home audience and level of attention

Target users and customers

All content providers may be interested in the automatic characterization of the in-home audience. When personalization of video – either Video on Demand (VoD) or broadcast – or ads is targeted, these same providers will see an interest in having this module to help the automatic personalization of provided content.

The audience characterization module may also be used by end users to manage their own content at home. Furthermore, content providers and advertisers will be interested in the ‘level of attention’ information provided by the module.

Application sectors

Provided content personalization
Knowing what the audience is:

  • VoD portals may be personalized and proper home pages may be displayed;
  • Ads may be personalized;
  • According videos and broadcast programs may be proposed.


The Audience Characterization module is connected to a Webcam (or two Webcams to enlarge the angle of the field of view) placed near a TV screen. This module detects and tracks faces, evaluates age class and gender of individuals, detects groups, and provides timed reports about detected people.

The eye tracking module tracks eyes and evaluates the level of attention for each detected person. Timed reports are provided.

The module may match detected faces with known ones from a small database (i.e. family members), to enhance the personalization of the provided content.

Technical requirements:

Current version of module runs on a QuadCore PC connected to 2 WebCams.

It is a multi-threaded Windows application programmed in C++.

Conditions for access and use:

Corresponding deliverables are all stated QL – i.e. this module is only available to a subset of PVAA partners, on their request.

Related IPL is the property of Technicolor.



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