AlvisAE: Alvis Annotation Editor

AlvisAE: Alvis Annotation Editor

Alvis Annotation Editor

Target users and customers

With AlvisAE, remote users display annotated documents in their web browser and manually create new annotations over the text and share them.

Application sectors

  • Any sector using text documents
  • Information Extraction
  • Contents analysis


AlvisAE is a Web Annotation Editor designed to display and edit fine-grained semantic formal annotations of textual documents. The annotations are used for fast reading or for training Machine Learning algorithms in text mining. The annotations can also be stored in a database and queried. The annotations are entities, n-ary relations and groups. The entities can be discontinuous and overlapping. They are typed by a small set of categories or by concepts from an external ontology.

The user can dynamically extend the ontology by dragging new annotations from the text to the ontology.  AlvisAE supports collaborative and concurrent annotations and adjudication. Input documents can be in HTML or text format. AlvisAE takes also as input semantic pre-annotations automatically produced by AlvisNLP.

Technical requirements:

Server side: Java 6 or 7, a Java Application and a RDMS.

Client Side: The client application can be run by any recent JavaScript enabled web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chromium, Safari). Internet Explorer is not supported.

Conditions for access and use:

AlvisAE software is developped by INRA, Mathématique, Informatique et Génome lab. It is property of INRA.

AlvisAE can be supplied under licence on a case-by-case basis. An open-source distribution is planned in the short term.



  • Inra

Contact details:

Robert Bossy


Domaine de Vilvert
78352 Jouy-en-Josas