Alvis NLP: Alvis Natural Language Processing

Alvis NLP: Alvis Natural Language Processing

A pipeline framework for Natural Language Processing

Target users and customers

The targeted audience includes projects that require  usual Natural Language Processing tools for production and research purpose.

Application sectors

  • Natural language processing
  • Contents analysis
  • Information retrieval


Alvis NLP is a pipeline framework to annotate text documents using Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools for sentence and word segmentation, named-entity recognition, term analysis, semantic typing  and relation extraction (see the paper by Nedellec  et al. in Handbook on Ontologies 2009 for a comprehensive overview).

The various available functions are accessible as modules, that can be composed in a sequence forming  the pipeline. This sequence, as well as parameters for the modules, is specified through a XML-based configuration file.

New components can easily be integrated into the pipeline. To implement a new module, one has to build a Java class manipulating text annotations following the data  model defined in Alvis NLP.

The class is loaded at run-time by Alvis NLP, which makes the integration much easier.

Technical requirements:

Java 7 Weka

Conditions for access and use:

Sources  available upon request. Free for use for academic institutions.



  • Inra

Contact details:

Robert Bossy

Domaine de Vilvert
78352 Jouy-en-Josas cedex