[ Développement scientifique ] – Onglet Thèse

Doctorant Laboratoire/Entreprise Titre Directeur Date Domaine de recherche
Alhalah Ziad KIT Rainer Stiefelhagen avr-11
Ben Abacha, Asma LIMSI Finding precise answers to medical questions : the question-answering system MEANS Pierre Zweigenbaum 1/10/2008 – 1/05/2012 Question answering – Information extraction – Information retrieval – Natural Language Processing – Medical Informatics
Bender, Oliver RWTH Robust Machine Translation for Multi-Domain Tasks Hermann Ney, Francisco Casacuberta 1/01/2003 – 1/10/2008 Natural language processing , statistical machine translation
Bluche, Theodore A2ia/ RWTH / LIMSI Nouveaux modèles à base de réseaux de neurones et de modèles de Markov cachés pour la reconnaissance d’écriture manuscrite à large vocabulaire Prof Hermann Ney, Dr. Christopher Kermorvant 1/12/2011 – 1/12/2014 Computer Science – Machine Learning
Codocedo, Victor Inria Extracting and Using Knowledge for guiding Information Retrieval and Recommendation Amedeo Napoli 1/07/2011 – 30/06/2014 Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence
Derbas, Nadia UJF Event Detection in videos Georges Quénot 1/11/2010 – 1/11/2013 Semantic indexing, video indexing
Ebadat, Ali Reza Inria Toward Robust Information Extraction Models for Multimedia Documents Vincent Claveau, Pascale Sébillot 1/10/2009 – 30/09/2012 Machine Learning, Text mining, Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing
Ekenel, Hazim Kemal KIT A Robust Face Recognition Algorithm for Real-World Applications Alex Waibel, Josef Kittler 1/06/2004 – 1/02/2009 Computer vision, pattern recognition
Fayolle, Julien INRIA-TEXMEX Lexical-phonetic representations for spoken indexing and retrieval Fabienne Moreau, Christian Raymond, Guillaume Gravier, Patrick Gros 12/10/2009 – 11/04/2013 Spoken Content Extraction and Retrieval; Information Retrieval; Natural Language Processing; Automatic Speech Recognition
Fenet, Sébastien Telecom ParisTech Méthodes d’identification audio quasi-exacte et approchée par extraction d’empreinte Gaël Richard 1/01/2010 – 1/01/2013 Audio Signal Processing
Fischer, Mika KIT Method for face identification from different viewpoints Hazım Kemal Ekenel Rainer Stiefelhagen juin-08
Fortun, Denis Inria Optical flow estimation for live cell imaging Charles Kervrann 2/11/2010 – 31/12/2013 computer vision, optical flow
Foucard Rémi Telecom ParisTech Gaël Richard 1/10/2009 – 1/10/2012
Fraga da Silva, Thiago LIMSI Learning methods for Speech Recognition Jean-Luc Gauvain 1/09/2010 – 1/09/2013 Unsupervised training
Galibert Olivier LIMSI
Gao Hua KIT Discriminative Appearance Models for Face Alignment Rainer Stiefelhagen, Timothy F. Cootes, Hazim Kemal Ekenel 15/07/2008 – 30/06/2013 Facial image alignment, Facial feature detection, Face recognition
Gudmundsson, Gylfi Inria Parallelism and Distribution for Very Large Scale Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval Systems Patrick Gros, Laurent Amsaleg 25/03/2010 – 24/03/2013 Content-based Image Retrieval, Distributed computing
Guinaudeau, Camille Inria Automatic Structuring of TV Stream Pascale Sébillot, Guillaume Gravier 1/10/2008 – 1/10/2011 Natural Language Processing, Spoken Language Processing & Multimedia Document Structuring
Hahn, Stefan RWTH Monotone string-to-string translation for grapheme-to-phoneme conversion and concept tagging Prof. Hermann Ney mai-06 Automatic Speech Recognition, Statistical MonotoneTranslation, Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion, Natural LanguageUnderstanding, particularly concept tagging
Hamadi, Abdelkader UJF Using context for semantic indexing of images and videos Georges Quénot, Philippe Mulhem 1/11/2010 – 1/10/2013 Information indexing and retrieval, classification, fusion
Hasan, Saša RWTH Triplet Lexicon Models for Statistical Machine Translation Prof. Hermann Ney 1/09/2003 – 1/09/2009 machine translation, lexicon modeling, natural language processing, pattern recognition
Huck, Matthias RWTH Hermann Ney sept-08 Statistical Machine Translation
Karanasou, Panagiota LIMSI Exploration of a variety of approaches to improve pronunciation modeling for automatic speech recognition Lori Lamel, François Yvon 1/09/2009 – 1/06/2013 Pronunciation modelling, speech recognition , machine learning
Fort, Karën INIST Adeline Nazarenko 1/12/2008 – 1/10/2012 Natural Language Processing
Lehnen, Patrick RWTH Extending Conditional Random fields for Natural Language Processing Prof. Hermann Ney juil-07
Leusch, Gregor RWTH Evaluation and System Combination in Machine Translation Prof. Hermann Ney 1/12/2005 – 1/11/2011
Liutkus, Antoine Telecom ParisTech Séparation de sources informée Roland Badeau, Gaël Richard 1/01/2010 – 2013
Amr Ibrahim El-Desoky, Mousa RWTH Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition: language modeling Prof. Hermann Ney avr-07
Mouton, Claire LIMSI/Exalead/CEA Resources and Semi-Supervised Methods for the Semantic Analysis of French Text Anne Vilnat, Gael de Chalendar, Gregory Grefenstette 1/01/2008 – 1/12/2010 Semantic analysis of text
Muscariello, Armando Inria Variability tolerant discovery of arbitrary repeating patterns in audio data with template matching Guillaume Gravier, Frédéric Bimbot 1/11/2007 – 31/01/2011 Unsupervised, language and domain-independent, non model-based speech processing
Nussbaum-Thom, Markus RWTH août-08
Oneata, Dan Inria Automatic annotation of videos with semantically meaningful terms Cordelia Schmid, Jakob Verbeek 17/10/2011 – 30/04/2013 Computer vision, machine learning
Papadopoulos, Hélène IRCAM, University Paris VI Joint Estimation of Musical Content Information End: 1/07/2010
Peitz, Stephan RWTH Hermann Ney juil-10
Plahl, Christian RWTH Neural Network based Feature Extraction Speech and Image Recognition Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Ney, PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Björn W. Schuller 1/11/2005 – 19/02/2013 Speech recognition, neural networks
Poignant, Johann UJF Person recognition from audiovisual broadcasts Laurent Besacier, Georges Quénot 1/11/2011 – 1/11/2013 multi-modal fusion, video OCR, persons recognition in audio-visual documents
Potapov, Danila Inria Learning from video data Cordelia Schmid, Zaid Harchaoui 1/09/2011 – 31/08/2014 Computer vision and machine learning
Prest, Alessandro Inria Weakly supervised methods for learning actions and objects Vittorio Ferrari, Cordelia Schmid 1/03/2010 – 30/11/2011 Video Analysis, Object detection, Action Recognition
Ratkovic, Zorana INRA Predicative analysis for information extraction : application to the biology domain Claire Nédellec, Thierry Poibeau 1/10/2010 – 1/10/2013 computational linguistics
Rybach, David RWTH Search Techniques for Speech Recognition with Weighted Finite-State Transducers Prof. Hermann Ney oct-06
Safadi, Bahjat UJF Image and Video Semantic Indexing by Active Learning Georges Quénot 1/04/2009 – 1/03/2012 Information Retrieval, Multimedia Indexing, Annotations, Machine Learning, Active Learning, Evaluation
Sargent, Gabriel PANAMA Research Team (ex-METISS), IRISA, Rennes Music structure estimation by multi-criteria analysis and regularity constraint Frédéric Bimbot, Emmanuel Vincent 1/11/2009 – 1/02/2013 Music Information Retrieval
Sundermeyer, Martin RWTH Language modeling Prof. Hermann Ney nov-08 Language modeling
Tapaswi, Makarand KIT Semantic Analysis and Understanding of Multimedia Videos Rainer Stiefelhagen 1/10/2011 – 2015-16 (expected) Multimedia analysis using textual information, Person identification in multimedia data
Ullah, Muhammad Muneeb Inria Supervised Statistical Representations for Human Action Recognition in Video Ivan Laptev, Patrick Perez 2/03/2009 – 30/06/2012 Computer Vision
Valsamou, Dialekti INRA MIG, LIMSI-CNRS Information extraction from scientific articles for the reconstruction of the biological regulatory network during the seed development phase of Arabidopsis Thaliana Claire Nédellec, Pierre Zweigenbaum 1/01/2012 – 1/07/2015 Information extraction from scientific articles on biology
Vo, Dong-Bach Telecom ParisTech Design and evaluation of new interaction techniques for interactive television Eric Lecolinet 1/12/2009 – 1/11/2012 Human-computer interaction
Wiesler, Simon RWTH Optimization of discriminative models for automatic speech recognition Hermann Ney 1/10/2008 – 1/10/2014 automatic speech recognition